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Valente is the New York City area’s premier flour supplier for discriminating bakers.




With over more than one hundred conventional and organic flours and grains we are the leading supplier of organic flour in the NYC tri-state area.

At Valente we understand how the right flour can elevate the taste and texture of your cakes and bread.   We also know that once you develop your recipe to perfection you rely on your flour supplier to deliver what you need at the quality you require,  Whether you need bulk flour by the pallet or less than that we’re here to help.

 Whether you’re using specialty flours especially formulated for artisan baking or you use all-purpose flour in a high volume wholesale bakery or commissary we’re able to supply you with the flour you need.   We also carry nut flours, organic flour and gluten-free flours, too.

 When you’re working on recipe development give us a ring.  We may have some suggestions on the flours you might try to get the results you want.

VALENTE SELLS flour in every type imaginable from wheat flours to whole grain flours to specialty and organic flours.

With such a wide variety of choices Valente is one of the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey tri-state area's leading flour suppliers.  We have an unmatched collection of standard and specialty flours to help with your daily baking needs and your most innovative new recipe developments.

Choosing the Perfect Flour for Your Recipe

With Valente you have lots to choose from when it comes to flour types and styles.  You can choose from wheat flours, rye flours and specialty flours to get the taste and texture you want.  Looking for the perfect flour blend? Want to grind your own flour?  We have grains to help with that too!

Wheat grains and flours

The bulk of American baking is centered on wheat flours and grains.   From wheat flours that are bleached to create the whitest, fluffiest cakes to heartier stone ground whole wheat for substantial breads Valente has it all.

Rye, Oats and other grains

While wheat is still king of the bakery Valente carries flour and grains from corn,  rye, oats,  rice, sorghum, tapioca, millet and quinoa to support your other baking needs.   Whether you need whole, rolled, cut or chopped grains or flour we can help.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains are increasingly popular with customers who are looking to recreate authentic tastes or capture the nutrients often found in old style grains.  We carry khorasan (kamut), einkorn, emmer and spelt flours and whole grains. 


Valente has over 100 different flours and grains to meet the needs of any baker, chef or kitchen manager.  We sell organic and conventional flours and grains along with ancient grains and flours made from ancient grain mixes to get you the taste you desire.

> FLOUR    
"00" Pizza Flour Durum Wheat Flour Sifted #100 Wheat Flour
All Purpose Flour Durum White Semolina Sifted #50 Wheat Flour
Bagel flour Einkorn Flour Sorghum Flour
Baguette Flour Emmer Flour Soy Flour
Barley Flour Enriched Wheat Flour Spelt Bran
Brown Wheat Flour Graham Flour Spelt Flour
Buckwheat Flour High-Gluten Wheat Flour Spelt Flour
Buckwheat Flour Khorasan Flour T65 Flour
Cake Flour Millet Flour Tapioca Flour
Chickpea Flour Oat Bran Wheat Bran Coarse
Cookie Flour Organic Oat Flour Wheat Bran Fine
Corn Flour Oat Flour White Wheat Flour
Corn Meal Pastry Flour White Whole Wheat Flour
Cornmeal Potato Flour Whole Wheat Bread Flour
Cream Of Barley Pumpernickel Flour Whole Wheat Coarse Flour
Cream Of Buckwheat Red Fife Flour Whole Wheat Flour
Cream Of Rice Rice Flour Brown
Whole Wheat Flour Stone Ground
Cream Of Wheat Rice Flour White Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
Croissant Flour Rye Flour Winter Wheat Flour
Durum Semolina #26 Rye Flour Dark  
Durum Semolina #35 Rye Flour Medium  


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Barley Flakes Organic Oats Crushed Semi-Pearled Farina
Barley Hulled Organic Oats Quick Cooking Spelt Berries Organic
Barley Pearled Oats Rolled Spelt Flakes Organic
Bulghur Wheat Oats Steel Cut Wheat Berries
Farina Oats Whole Groats Organic Wheat Flakes Organic
Groats Whole Peeled Wheat (Grano)  
Khorasan Flakes Organic Rye Berries Cracked Organic  
Mulitgrain Mix Rye Berries Organic  
Multigrain Flakes Organic Rye Chops  
Multigrain Mix Cracked Organic Rye Flakes  

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