Valente Supplies The Highest Quality Baking And Catering Ingredients To NYC Metro Area Bakers and Chefs Since 1909.

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Trusted.  Knowledgeable.  Responsive.

As New York’s premier bakery ingredients supplier we’ve been advising bakers and chefs on ingredient selection, ingredient mix and baking techniques for over 100 years.  We’re more than a bakery supplies distributor:  We understand and help you get the most from the ingredients we supply.

Our customers trust us because we support them with  more than ingredients – we offer our customers the industry expertise, business experience and the support capabilities to make their business more successful.


Ingredient selection advice and guidance from our team and our suppliers.


Recipe and ingredient expertise and education to create the goods you want


Baking and catering business knowledge to help you reach your goals

Invite Valente’s NY bakery supplies team into your business and let us use our experience and guidance to help you achieve your business success.

The High Quality Baking Products You Need When You Need Them.

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Valente offers a wide variety of more than 1,500 high-quality ingredients from leading brands to meet your business’s baking and catering needs.


Valente supplies over 100 conventional and organic flours and grains to meet your requirements with wheat flours, nut flours, organic and all-natural flours.  We offer the best wholesale selection of flours in the NYC metro area.

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Valente offers a wide variety of the finest bulk wholesale spices for your cooking requirements with a wide variety of peppers,  exotic spices and essential flavors for your kitchens to help you exceed your customer’s expectations.


With wholesale chocolate offerings from the finest European and domestic chocolates our chocolate products are designed to make your baking successful.  From icings and fillings and from chunks to chips our chocolate has got your needs covered.

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With hundreds of items to help you add fruits and nuts to your bakery goods, salads and catering dishes you’ll find what you need to complete your recipe search.


Valente offers specialty items in all its categories to cater to the needs of our customer base for use in organic and vegan bakeries, kosher kitchens or whatever your requirements.  Ask us.

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We’re Much More Than A Baking Ingredient Supplier

Our full-service, hands-on, personal approach to supporting your business involves more than just delivering ingredients to your doorstep.

As your trusted supplier we strive to simplify your ordering and storeroom management tasks. Our service encompasses ingredient quality assurance, food safety, just-in-time inventory management, support for documentation and certification compliance and in-depth product and industry knowledge all focused on helping you succeed.

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Partnership and Collaboration

We create strong partnerships with our customers so you know you can rely on us to be there on time and with the right products you need.  Whether you’re in Manhattan, the boroughs or the NYC metro area we’ll be there to help.


Product Expertise and Ingredient Know-How

With over 100 years experience we know baking and baking ingredients.  The Valente team helps you select the right ingredients based on your specifications to create the tastes and looks and profits you want from the food you create.


Documentation and Compliance

Whether you’re a baker, chef, buyer or compliance manager there is no escape from governmental documentation requirements. Valente supports your documentation and compliance needs quick supply of the information you need.


Food Quality and Safety

Food safety is paramount at Valente and all of our processes and procedures are focused on safety and freshness.  From segregated storage of allergenic nuts to multi-level refrigeration our facilities and staff are focused on safety.


Inventory Management

Our state of the art inventory management system ensures that we forecast our customer’s ingredients requirements before they call us.  Our system ensures availability and freshness.


Local NYC Metro Delivery

We’re a local partner for you business so you can count on us to be there when you need us.  Whether you forgot to order an item or you need some help with a new product.  We’re there right beside you.

Food Safety Starts With Us

As an integral part of the food supply chain distributors like Valente have a huge impact on the quality and safety of the food you create for your customers.

Find out more about how Valente protects the food you source from us and how we’ve achieved 99.44% Superior HACCP rating.

Valente is a member of the National Association of Flour Distributors
Valente is a member of the Retail Bakers of America
Valente is the 2015 Honoree for the Best for NYC Awards
Valente is the NYC member of the Dawn Distributors Advantage program
Valente prides itself on its audited performance on Good Distribution Practices