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Flour-grains-organic-for-bread-pastries-cakes-nyc-long-island-connecticut-new-jersey-300x300cYour Artisan Bakery Needs the Highest Quality Ingredients to Keep Your Customers Satisfied.


Keeping the tradition of artisan baking alive in NYC requires special skill, dedication and a strict attention to the details when it comes to ingredient selection and supply.

Making your business profitable while using the best ingredients and time-consuming artisan techniques is where Valente can help.   Your customers expect the best quality products from your kitchens and keeping their loyalty in a city like New York city is always a challenge.

Valente understands what it takes to maintain the quality of your baked goods which is why we select the best ingredients for our artisan baking customers.  This is what has made Valente the leading ingredient supplier for artisan bakeries across NYC and the entire metropolitan area.   Our offering of high quality flours with just the right ash and protein content are designed to stand up to the rigorous baking process of the artisan baker.

Because we know that you can’t produce with flour alone we also offer premium grains, butter, eggs and nuts, dried fruits and spices to help you realize your product ideas.


From high quality conventional and organic bread flours to the inclusions, toppings and sweeteners you use, Valente has the ingredients to help you create world class breads.