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Wherever you live In New york, New Jersey and Connecticut your Retail corner cake Bakery is The Soul of your Community. 



 You bake delicious cakes, cookies and breads for your New York area neighborhood and keeping your business profitable is challenging.   Your commitment to bake the best quality products starts with the best bakery ingredients.

Valente understands what you need to succeed and we carry the ingredients we know will help you reach your business goals.  We carry a wide selection of flours, sugars, fillings, glazes and other ingredients to enable you to achieve.

While you may be smaller than than some wholesale bakery operations we know that your neighbors count on your for great looking and tasting baked goods to help them celebrate the special events that mark their lives.   They trust you to deliver.

We understand that responsibility and we offer them quality ingredients, care and support that we offer to our largest customers.  Our customer service teams are especially attuned to the unique challenges of your retail bakery and they’re there to support you everyday.  They’re trained to offer you right products to meet your needs and help you find the most cost-effective way of finding success without compromising on quality.

We’ll also be sure to  remind you to order those seasonal ingredients that provide you with some of your best opportunities to improve your profits.  On top of that, our inventory management systems allow us to deliver to you the fresh ingredients you require with no concerns about food safety.



From hi-ratio cake mixes for birthday cakes, wedding cakes and other high profile celebration cakes to creme cakes for more everyday cakes like pound cakes, bundt cakes and muffins Valente has you covered.   We also carry cleaner label cake mixes and other clean label ingredients for your cake baking. 

Three reasons to upgrade to cake mix from scratch cake recipes

Many folks forget that cake mixes are all born from time-tested scratch recipes that have become so popular that they became mixes.  There are many reasons to use a mix and it is more than just convenience and efficiency.

  • Consistency of baking is the number one reason to use a cake mix.   Cake mixes are developed and constantly improved to ensure that the cake you bake always has the identical flavor, crumb structure and ease of decorating.
  • With the advent of clean label mixes these mixes will be guaranteed to meet the health and safety interests of your customers.   It is now possible to get cake mixes made with no artificial ingredients, vegan suitable with no trans fats. 
  • Recipe spin-offs mean that a single cake mix can be easily adapted to create a variety of different styles of cakes offers you many more cake varieties to sell to your customers.   

There are many more benefits including technical support from a manufacturer to help achieve your goals.    Cake mixes are always improved and you can benefit from those improvements as they roll out. 

Choosing the Right Cake Mix for Your Recipe

With so many options to choose from it might be complicated to decide which mix is best for your use.  Let us help you choose the best cake mix to meet your needs.

Hi-Ratio Cake Mix

Hi-ratio cake mixes provide the cake in the majority of celebration cakes.  They provide cakes with outstanding flavor, superior texture and strong visual appeal,  Valente sells hi-ratio cake mixes in both standard and cleaner-label options. 

Creme Cake Mix

Creme cake mixes and bases provide a versatile batter to make a variety of finished products including muffins, ring cakes, bundt cakes, loaf cakes as well as specialty cakes and crumb cakes.  The batter holds inclusions well and the finished cake has a much longer shelf life.

Specialty Cake Mixes

Creating traditional specialty cakes is easier with specialty cake mixes.   Cakes like angel food cake, pound cake and sponge cakes are easier and more efficient to produce with specialized mixes designed to ensure excellent taste and texture.  Specialty mixes are also available in sugar free, vegan and gluten-free options.

Download the Valente Cake Ingredients Catalog


Our inventory has wide variety of cake mixes which include the following items.   For a full listing of all of our cake mixes please download the full cake mix catalog or browse the entire catalog.

> Hi-Ratio Cake Mix > Creme Cake Mixes and Bases > Gluten-Free Cake Mixes
Dawn Carrot Cake Mix Bakers Request   Dawn R&H Cake Base Rich Creme Cake Base Dawn Gluten Free White Crème Cake Base
Dawn Devils Food Cake Bakers Request Dawn R&H Chocolate Rich Creme Cake Base Dawn Gluten Free Chocolate Crème Cake Base
Dawn Exceptional Bakers Request Devils Food Cake Mix 6/5# EFCO Golden Creme Cake Base   Dawn Gluten Free Extra Dark Devil's Food Crème Cake Base
Dawn Exceptional Bakers Request Mix 6/5# Pillsbury Chocolate Creme Cake Base Dawn Gluten Free Vanilla Crème Cake Base
Dawn Exceptional Bakers Request White Cake Mix 6/5# Pillsbury Cream Cake Base   
Balance Cleaner Ingredients White Cake Mix  Bakers Truth Vanilla Creme Cake Base > Vegan Cake Mixes
Balance Cleaner Ingredients Chocolate Cake Mix  Bakers Truth Chocolate Creme Cake Base Dawn Balance Creme Cake Base Plain Vegan 25#
Dawn Premium Vanilla Creme Cake Base    
Dawn Red Velvet Cake Mix Bakers Request  > Muffin Mixes  
Dawn Sugar Free Cake Base Dawn Corn Muffin Mix   
Dawn White Cake Mix Bakers Request  Dawn Exceptional R&H Vanilla Muffin Mix 6/5#  
Dawn Yellow Cake Mix-Bakers Request Dawn Exceptional R&H Corn Muffin Mix 6/5#  
Dawn Exceptional Baker’s Request Coffee Flavored Cake Mix   EFCO Empire Corn Muffin Mix   
Dawn Exceptional Baker’s Request Honey Flavored Cake Mix 25# EFCO New England Honey Bran Muffin   
Dawn Exceptional Baker’s Request Toasted Coconut Cake Mix 25# EFCO New England Plain Muffin Mix  
EFCO Dark Chocolate Cake Mix   Pillsbury Carmen's Basic Muffin Mix   
EFCO Superior Devils Food Cake Mix   Pillsbury Blueberry Muffin Mix   
EFCO White Cake Mix TFF Super Moist      
EFCO Yellow Cake Mix Supreme      
green denotes CLEANER LABEL product   All bags are 50 lbs unless otherwise indicated

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Download the Valente Cake Ingredients Catalog


Valente carries a range of different mixes to help your cakes appeal to the widest variety of cake buyers.   We sell more traditional mixes in variety of flavors and also specialty mixes to help you target seasonal opportunities or emerging trends quickly.  Our mixes are sourced from America's premium suppliers of quality cake ingredients.

Dawn Foods Pillsbury


Cake baking Trends 

Organic4colorsealGIFNew Yorkers are demanding customers.  They expect the best tasting and looking cakes and desserts.  While some are traditionalists many customers are also looking for something new to satisfy their palates.

Valente has the experience to help you with the new and emerging trends in cake baking that let you keep up with your customer's expectations.  

  • Clean label, non-gmo and all natural mixes to address your customers needs for healthier options;
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free mixes to help you appeal to this growing customer segment; 
  • Spin-off recipes that allow you to create new flavors and cake style from your standard mixes;

Whatever your shop's business goals Valente is here to help you achieve them.

Download the Valente Cake Ingredients Catalog