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Your High Volume Wholesale Baking Operation Needs Consistent Quality and High Reliability Bakery Ingredients Supply to Stay on Top of Your Opportunities.



You need a bakery ingredient supplier that understands the demands of a large baking operation with the ability to deliver the high quality and ingredient variety you need with the reliability and scale to keep up with your demand.

Running and building a wholesale baking business requires clockwork like efficiency from your internal teams and your suppliers.  Valente understands that and we deliver on the commitments we make to you and your business.

When you partner with Valente you’ll know that the baking ingredients you need are going to arrive when you need them.  No surprises or downtime due to missing the ingredients you rely on to deliver your orders.

Valente’s computerized logistics systems ensure that your regular baking supply orders are included in our inventory forecasts so you’re never left with an empty storeroom.   This efficiency enables Valente to offer you competitive pricing and reliable ingredient availability.

With Valente as your partner you’re never forced to compromise on quality.  Our inventory management systems enable us to deliver to you the freshest ingredients you require with no concerns about food safety.  In addition, we track lot codes and documentation on every item we deliver so we can use that information to support you when you need it.

Valente is committed to making your wholesale bakery even more successful and to be a reliable partner to support your growth.



From high quality conventional and organic high-gluten flours to the inclusions, toppings and sweeteners you need to make legendary bagels Valente supplies the ingredients to help you satisfy even the pickiest bagel connoisseur.