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Valente offers a full range of wholesale oils and vinegars for cooking, baking and for kitchen machinery lubrication. 

We offer many oils and vinegars in bulk containers including drums and totes.  





Valente offers oils and vinegars to meet any culinary need


>> Culinary Oils    
Olive Oil Xtra Virgin (4/3 Liter ) Cs Kadoya Sesame-Oil 56Oz  (3.5# ) 100% Pure  

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>> Vinegars    
Admiration Vinegar-50 Grain White (1-Gal ) Clovis Organic Cider Vinegar 2/5L
Clovis Vinegar Raspberry 2/5L
Admiration Vinegar-50 Grain White Case (4/1Gal ) Clovis Vinegar Aged Red Wine 2/5L
Clovis Vinegar White Wine 2/5L
Balsamic Glaze 12/250ml Clovis Vinegar Aged Sherry 2/5L
Fleishmans Vinegar 200 Grain (Drum ) * 470 lb
Balsamic Vinegar 6% Acidity 2/5L Clovis Vinegar Balsamic Modena 2/5L
Wayne County Vinegar-Cider-Wayne Cty (1 Gal )
Clovis Champagne Vinegar 2/5L Clovis Vinegar Cider 2/5L
Wayne County Vinegar-Cider-Wayne Cty 4/1Gal

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>> Cooking and Frying Oils & Shortening    
BBS Flex All Purpose Shortening  (50#) Super Fry Soy Flex Donut Fry Shortening (50#) Superchef Soya Bean Oil  (35# ) 
High Oleic Sunflower Oil  (Drum )  Superchef Canola Oil 35#
Palm Soy Donut Fry Shortening (50#) Superchef Corn Oil 35# Jug

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>> Pan Spray, Pan Grease and Food Grade Lubricants    
Clear Oil 920 38 lb tub DDA Pan Spray 6 x5 cans
Mineral Oil (Lube Oil 90 ) Drum 388 lb
Cleartro Trogrease (Drum ) 375 lb Mineral Oil (210 V Drum ) 394 lbs
Mineral Oil Lube Oil 35 36 lb pail
Cleary Oil 920 36 lb pil Mineral Oil (Lube All 9 ) 36 lb pail
Mineral Oil White (Lube Oil 18 ) 600 lb drum

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