Protecting The Quality And Safety Of The Ingredients We Supply Your Business Is Our Key Priority

Valente management team customer service NYCWe stake our reputation on the safety and quality of the ingredients we deliver to your kitchens everyday.


We know that your kitchens require the safest, highest quality products.  That’s why we engage in continuous quality improvement processes in our warehouse using Good Distribution Practices as our guide.


Our systems track inventory by lot codes so we know where an item is once it enters the warehouse and we track when we deliver it to you, too.  That means when supplier product recalls happen we know which of our customers are going to be affected and we contact them immediately.

How we protect the ingredients we supply to you


We invest in technology so we can identify and remedy product and supply chain issues quickly and accurately.

We train our staff in the importance and rules of safe food management and every employee follows rigorous processes and procedures to ensure that food safety and quality is never compromised.

We educate our business on best industry practices and then implement them across our entire operation.  We select suppliers who do the same.

sai-global-logo@2xHow we measure our compliance


Every year Valente hires 3rd party auditor SAI Global  to examine and rate our adherence to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) requirementsThese requirements include the implementation and maintenance of HACCP based food safety systems along with relevant industry specific pre-requisite programs.


In the 2016-2017 audit year we achieved a Superior 99.09% rating which is an increase from the 2015-2016 audit year’s 98.62% rating.


In 2016 we also invested in training so that Valente now has a qualified SQF  (safe quality food) practitioner on staff.

Some of the specific steps we have taken to improve our food safety protections include:


  • Building refrigeration zones of varying temperatures for the requirements of the diverse ingredients we store and sell.
  • Separation of allergy bearing ingredients (e.g., nuts) from our other products.
  • Digital scanners to track every sourced ingredient from the moment it is delivered to the moment it leaves our warehouse.
  • Tracking of ingredient freshness dates to insure we do not sell and distribute ingredients that are just off their freshness mark.
  • Delivery trucks that are Valente owned and used only for food to eliminate the chance for ingredients to be contaminated by the shipment of toxic products

Food Storage and Refrigeration


We store foods in need of refrigeration in one of four temperature holding zones that correspond to the specific temperature requirements of the products we distribute.  This ensures that the product we supply to you is safe and has also maintained its freshness and quality.


frozen ingredients new york bakeries and restaurants

-5 degrees Fahrenheit or less



33 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit



38 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit


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under 65 degrees Fahrenheit with low humidity