Spice up your baked goods sales with Dried Herbs & Spices

Looking to spice things up

Looking to spice things up in the kitchen?

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Quality Spices, Herbs, Peppers and Salt Add the Flavors That Ensures That Your Products Fly Off The Shelves.


With countless varieties of Valente branded spices, herbs, peppers and salt available in 5 lb boxes to 50 lb bulk bags Valente can deliver herbs and spices to meet the most demanding kitchen environment.  Our spices let you deliver great tasting baked goods and meals to your customers.

It is no secret that great tasting food keeps customer coming back again and again.  At Valente we know that your kitchens require herbs, spices, peppers and salt to meet the flavor goals of your recipes.  We also know that some kitchens require huge volumes of herbs and spices which is why we can source bulk packages of the items you need,

Whether you’re looking for exotic spices or the more everyday varieties we have the spices you’re looking for. 

VALENTE scours the planet in search of the best herbs, spices, salts and peppers to enliven your recipes.


Our warehouse has an impressive assortment of dried herbs, exotic spices, briny salts and riveting peppers from around the globe.  We specialize in bulk, wholesale herbs and spices  that help you achieve great taste while maintaining reasonable prices. For a full listing of all of our herbs, spices, salts and peppers please download the full Valente spice catalog or browse the entire catalog online.

> Herbs > Spices > Salt
Basil Brown mustard seed Sea Salt
Bay leaves Cardoman Pretzel salt
Chilies Cloves Kosher salt
Chili powder Cumin Sea salt flakes
Cinnamon Curry powder  
Cinnamon sticks Fenugreek > Spice Blends
Coriander Ginger Cajun Spice
Dill seed Mace Green curry paste
Dill weed Mustard powder Pumpkin pie spice
Garlic minced Nutmeg  
Herbes de Provence Paprika


Juniper berries Turmeric  
Marjoram Zahtar  
Onion minced    
Onion powder  > Peppercorns  
Oregano Ground black pepper  
Parsley Whole black peppercorns  
Rosemary Butcher cracked black pepper  
Thyme   All bags are 5 lbs or 50 lbs packs unless otherwise indicated

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