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Valente offers a wide selection of whole nuts, nut halves and pieces as well as nut pastes and nut flours and seeds to support your baking and catering needs.




Whatever your requirements Valente offers a one-stop shop for all your nuts and seeds.   We carry a broad selection of nuts and pieces along with nut pastes and flours and seeds to include in your baked goods, salads and other foods.   We supply a comprehensive selection of nut butters and pastes, blanched, roasted and natural nuts and halves, whole nuts, sliced, roasted, slivered and nut flours.

We offer nuts and seeds in bulk, wholesale packs to make your purchases more affordable.  Use nuts and seeds as inclusions or toppings on breads, rolls, baguettes, pastries to add healthy flavor and texture to your baking.

Many of our nuts and seeds come vacuum packed and can supply country of origin traceability to support your compliance requirements.

VALENTE sells nuts and seeds, Nut and seed pastes, butters, flours and nutmeats to NYC bakers.

Nuts and seeds add richness and flavor to any baked good, meal or salad. Valente brings you the best selection of high quality nuts and seeds to enhance your products flavors. Nuts and seeds are naturally gluten-free and vegan.


We stock a variety of specialist nut products.  Let us help you find the product you need.

Almond Butter Coconut Desiccated Peanuts Blanched
Almond Flour Blanched Coconut Flaked Peanuts Roasted
Almond Flour Fine Coconut Shredded Peanuts Whole
Almond Flour Natural Coconut Toasted Pecan Fancy Halves
Almond Paste Filbert Hazelnut Flour Pecan Halves
Almonds Blanched Filbert Hazelnut Butter Pistachio Flour
Almonds Granulated Filberts Hazelnuts Blanched Pistachio Paste
Almonds Slivered Filberts Hazelnuts Natural Pistachio Pieces
Almonds Whole Natural Kernel Paste Pistachios Raw Shelled
Cashew Pieces Macaroon Coconut Praline Paste
Cashew Pieces Salted Macaroon Paste Walnut Granules Nibs
Cashews Unsalted Peanut Butter Walnut Halves And Pieces
green denotes CLEANER LABEL product    

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>> SEEDS    
Amaranth Millet seeds
Sesame seeds black
Flax brown cracked seeds Poppy seeds
Sesame seeds hulled
Flax brown seeds Quinoa
Sesame seeds natural
Flax golden Quinoa organic
Sunflower seeds
green denotes CLEANER LABEL product    

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