La Milanaise Organic Flours

Valente offers La Milanaise flours to NYC bakers and chefs

La Milanise organic flours from Valente Yeast Company

La Milanaise has been offering organic flours for more than 30 years to bakers and chefs who need the most natural flours and grains.

Valente is the exclusive supplier of La Milanaise organic flours and grains in the NYC area.


La Milanaise is a vertically integrated milling company which means that they manage the production of organic grains from seed to milling.  Their attention to detail is well known and they offer a range of flours to meet every product demand.

Ranging from organic wheat flours created for everything from pastries, croissants and artisanal breads to ancient grains, flakes and flours.  La Milanaise’s control over production means that they have the most affordable organic flour and grain offerings for bakers and chefs.

Valente also offers flours from the La Milanaise sister mill Les Moulins de Soulanges which offers organic transition flours.  These flours are grown according to organic rules but have not yet been certified.  These flours are a more affordable alternative to organic flours.

No matter what your baking requirements Valente’s team of on-staff bakers and chefs can help you choose the right flour for your recipe.  Whether your adding organic or ancient grains for flavor or you are developing a completely organic recipe we have the experience to help.

Valente Offers the Entire Range of La Milanaise Organic Flours & Grains

Organic Victoria flour T55
Organic Unbleached All Purpose flour T55
Organic Baguette flour T55
Organic Croissant flour T55
Organic Orford Pastry flour T45
Organic Sutton High Gluten flour T55
Organic Durum #26 Semolina flour
Organic Durum #35 Semolina flour
Organic Durum White Semolina flour

Organic unbleached white winter wheat flour T55
Organic Whole Winter Wheat flour T110
Organic Gosford flour T110
Organic Integral Whole Wheat flour T85
Organic La Totale (Graham) flour T110
Organic Whole Emmer flour T50
Organic Whole Rye flour T65
La Baguette Transition flour
La Blonde Transition flour

Organic Unbleached White Khorasan flour T55
Organic Whole Khorasan flour T65
Organic Unbleached Red Fife flour T55
Organic Unbleached White Spelt flour T55
Organic Six Grain flour T50
Organic Whole Barley flour
Organic Whole Buckwheat flour T65
Organic Whole Einkorn flour T50
Organic Whole Emmer flour T50
Organic Whole Rye flour T65

We offer the entire line of La Milanaise flours.  Search our online catalog or download a printable copy to find the flour you need.

Valente distributes King Arthur flour in the wholesale, bulk sizes you want.  We sell flour in  these standard bulk sizes:

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

50 lbs.

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>