We're a Dawn Distributor's Advantage Buying Group Member

Valente is part of the Dawn buying group securing the ability to offer you fair pricing on bakery ingredients

Our Buying Power Provides A Huge Advantage To Your Business


Valente’s position as a master distributor provides you access to products at a great price and access to a reliable inventory source.

 We get it. As a NYC area food business your customers expect the best and you must set the quality bar high for the dishes you serve. We also know that when you’re choosing the right ingredients for your recipe cost is always a concern.

Even though you might not have the option to purchase from producers directly, we do.  We start helping you by offering you the best pricing we can by leveraging our buying power to your advantage.  Our buying power maintained on your behalf is enhanced in a few critical ways:

Valente branded products allow even our smallest start-up customers to purchase at beneficial wholesale prices.
  • As a Master Distributor we can within the New York baking supply industry.
  • Our membership in Dawn Distributors Advantage (DDA), a national buying group with a concentration in the baking industry and a purchasing power of more than $2 billion annually, give us negotiating advantage along with economies of scale.

 For you and your business this means added convenience and reliability when ordering and safe, high-quality ingredients and brands you love when buying…and all of this at a price that suits your budget.