Our Ingredient Expertise Helps Your Business

Valente’s product advice and assistance services help you get to grips with your product and business concerns and opportunities.

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We offer our product services free of charge to our customers everyday.


Our experienced bakers were born and raised right here in New York and understand the marketplace and the services you require.  We understand the quality your customers expect from you and we align our products and services to help you achieve that quality.


We know the ingredients we sell inside and out. We can match the specifications of a particular ingredient to the requirements of your products and product lines as well as to your shop conditions.    We can support your efforts to adjust your baking recipes to withstand New York City’s hot, humid summer days and dry, cold winters.


We know the New York metro region market so well we can help with nearly any issue you’re facing.


On top of our product and ingredient knowledge we know marketing, purchasing, warehousing and operations.   We work seamlessly as a team to support your business and hundreds of New York’s finest bakeries, markets, and restaurants.

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>