Our New York City Baking Ingredients Distribution Warehouse is Where We Ensure You Get the Highest Quality Products.

cake mixes and bakery products NYCThis is the place where we make ingredient quality and food safety an imperative for our clients here in the NYC metro area.


Outfitted with the latest in baking supply storage management technology, the Valente warehouse is staffed by a trained team focused on the implementation and maintenance of food safety protocols and procedures that safeguard the quality and safety of every ingredient we sell.

As a responsible ingredients wholesaler, we understand the importance of segmenting products that can cause food allergies, so we’ve designated zones for peanuts and tree nuts.


In addition to the dry ambient temperature of our general distribution warehouse, we created four custom refrigeration zones to properly store our large variety of ingredients.


When you order your bakery ingredients from Valente you’ll know that we’ve worked hard to ensure that the bulk goods we deliver to your kitchens have been looked after properly.

We focus on food safety and freshness. We store each ingredient at its optimum environment and temperature to ensure freshness and food safety.

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food in our warehouse.  Learn more >>>