Running a Commercial Kitchen in NYC is an Enormous Challenge and Keeping Kitchen Operations Humming Requires Strong Ingredient Supplier Partnerships

busy_kicthenAs a commercial kitchen you’re operating at breakneck speed to deliver a dizzying array of menu items for your customers.  Valente understands what it takes to help businesses like yours keep up with your ingredient needs with a changing palette of ingredients.


We also know you face stringent documentation requirements to account for the quality of your products to your customers.   Valente has the capability to support requirements for a wide variety of ingredients as well as the documentation and lot code tracking that you need.


Our customer service teams are prepared to help you get the ingredients you need and then work with our  modern logistics systems to ensure that your orders delivered complete and on-time.    This efficiency enables Valente to offer you competitive pricing and reliable ingredient availability.


With Valente as your partner you’re also assured that you’re never forced to compromise quality.  Our inventory management systems allow us to deliver to you the fresh ingredients you require with no concerns about food safety.


Valente is committed to making commercial kitchens like yours successful and we’re here to be a reliable partner to support your growth.

Some of New York’s Most Successful Commercial Kitchens Use the Following Ingredients from Valente

Bulk spices
Bulk grains
Bulk seeds
Oceanspray dried cranberries
Dried fruit
Oils in foodservice size packs

Tamari in 5 gallon containers
Canned fruits
Canned tomatoes
Frozen bake off pastries
Frozen bake off breads
Vinegars in foodservice size packs

Search our online catalog or download a copy to find the ingredients you need. Or give us a call at (718) 565-1300

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>