Annual HACCP Audits Protect Your Supply Chain

Valente Implements HACCP Food Safety Good Distribution Practices

Valente's Third Party HACCP GDP Audit 2020-12 Perfect Score

Valente voluntarily subscribes to a rigorous program of 3rd party audits to ensure that when ingredients are stored in our warehouse and delivered to your kitchens they remain safe and of the highest quality.


GDP requires that all our warehouse and distribution processes are traceable and reportable.  Using GDP processes and procedures we document every item that enters our warehouse and we track every item by lot number.  

Lot number tracking, not always offered by other suppliers, allows us to track the quality and safety of products from the momemnt that they enter the warehouse and even after they have been delivered to your kitchens.


Even though following GDP practices is a voluntary exercise that is expensive and time-consuming, we know that following these practices and determining our adherence makes good business sense for us and for our customers.

Subscribing to annual third-party audits ensures we are operating at maximum efficiency and that our business is adhering to Good Distribution Practices (GDP).   

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