Valente Is There To Help You Out When Things Get Rough

BEST baking advice and expertise in NYCValente offers expertise to help you when your product quality fails and you’re not sure why.


Baking is part art and part food science.  Many customers forget to adjust their recipes for the seasonal changes in the ambient environment.  Lots of  factors affect the quality of your products including factors outside of your control especially temperature and humidity.


When you’re not sure why your croissants have fallen from flaky to bready or  your cakes are no longer the consistency you expect, give Valente a call.   Our experienced team can help you adjust your recipes to account for these factors.



Not only do we stand by the products we sell we can help you identify what changes may have affected the quality of your product.   Product quality affecting issues may include:

  • Changes in ingredient quality or composition
  • Changes in your storage and storeroom rotations
  • Changes in kitchen environment or equipment
  • New staffing changes

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>