Valente Leadership Team are Industry Veterans


Valente’s Leadership Team



Bob is an established and successful entrepreneur who took the helm at Valente in 2010. His early work as a field supervisor of a franchised bakery chain prepared him for a career in sales. He joined the Valente Bakery Supplies sales team in 1991 and subsequently advanced to sales manager, a position he held until becoming president in 2010. He assumed the responsibilities of chief executive officer in 2011.

Bob’s expertise in the NYC bakery industry started while he was in college and evolved from his early work as a baker and owner of a successful Queens, New York bakery.

Bob graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He attributes his success in business to the scientific approach he learned studying physics at NYU—an approach he now applies to business and one that he says has played an important role in the development of the Valente brand and to our Valente’s ascension to an industry leader in food quality and safety as well as compliance documentation.

This valuable and free service differentiates Valente Bakery Supplies from its competitors, Bob says. “We listen to your need, your desired recipe objective and even go onsite to experience your kitchen conditions firsthand to be sure we hit the mark with our ingredient recommendations.”



Tom joined Valente Bakery Supplies in 1970 and was the first employee who was not a member of the Valente family, grew with the organization, perfecting his skills as its buyer and operations manager.

In 1990, he became head buyer, a post he still enjoys today. Tom and his purchasing team are responsible for sourcing and negotiating the prices on all ingredients and baking supplies. He has developed a trusted network of industry leaders within the baking and ingredient supply world during his 40-year Valente tenure.

As a result, Valente Bakery Supplies is able to purchase the finest quality ingredients at great values, and this translates into savings for countless NYC restaurants and bakeries!