Valente Offers Donuts, Donut Mixes and Donut Icings

donutsDonuts are growing in popularity again.  Valente offers bakeries and shops a several ways to offer donuts to their customers.  From bulk mixes in 50 lb bags to ready-to-finish frozen or thaw-and-serve decorated donuts Valente makes it easy for you to catch up with the donut trend.

Valente offers a variety of mixes that donut makers can use to create these popular breakfast and dessert items.   With vanilla and chocolate mixes and a wide variety of cake mixes customers can quickly and easily support their donut sales with great tasting donuts from pre-made mixes. We know that not every bakery or shop has their own donut fryers.   For these customers we offer frozen pre-made donuts that are delicious, easy to work with and highly affordable.   Our customers can choose from ready-to-decorate donuts or thaw-and-serve donuts that are already decorated.   Each offers opportunities for shops that want to join the trend with ease.

Valente Supplies Donut Mixes, Fillings and Frozen Ready-to-finish and Decorated Thaw-and-serve Donuts

Raised A donut mix
French crueller mix
Honey wheat donut mix
Blueberry cake donut mix
Pumpkin cake donut mix
Chocolate handcut cake mix
Handcut cake mix

Raised A jumbo ring donut
Raised A twist donut
Vanilla cake donut
Sour cream old fashioned donut
Red velvet cake donut
Devils food cake donut
Raspberry filled donut
Unfilled Bismark donut

Download the Dawn Donuts flyer

Wenner large glazed
Wenner large cocoa dots
Wenner cocoa ball dots
Wenner filled sugar dots
Wenner jelly dots
Wenner pink dots
Wenner confetti dots

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