Proof and Bake Croissants, Pastries and Frozen Pastry Dough

croissantEveryone loves the buttery goodness and flakiness of croissants and other laminated pastry dough baked goods.  The work involved in creating these tasty delicacies sometimes exceeds the time available in the bakery kitchen.   Valente sells proof-and-bake croissants and pastry dough to help bakeries solve this vexing problem without missing out on these profitable products.


In addition to high quality flour and butter required to make the best pastries Valente also offers a wide selection of proof-and-bake croissants, assorted pastries, pastry dough and puff dough to help bakeries with the challenge of getting the variety of baked goods that appeals to NYC customers.   These delicious and easy-to-use freezer to oven products please the most finicky customer palate and simplify the work of a busy bakery.


These frozen pastries and croissants mean that NYC bakeries never have to skip having these products on the counter when they’re so easy to proof-and-bake when required with none of the labor and time intensive work of making laminated dough products from scratch.

Valente Offers High Quality Proof-and-Bake Croissants, Pastries and Pastry Doughs

Pillsbury, DAWN, Wenner Frozen Croissants

X-Large butter croissant 3.75oz
Large traditional croissant 3.25oz
XL Paris croissant 3.17oz
Large straight croissant 3.17oz
Straight butter multi-grain croissant 2.82oz
Mini traditional croissant 1.25oz
Mini straight multi-grain croissant 0.88oz
Mini straight butter croissant 0.88oz
Margarine curved croissant 3.35oz
Almond croissant

Dawn, Wenner Frozen Pastries

Blueberry cheese croissant
Cream cheese croissant
Strawberry croissant
Croiss square
Chocolate croissant
Caprice pain au chocolat 2.47oz
Apple turnover 3.7oz
Cinnamon twist 4.25oz
Strawberry cheese fruit sticks
Apple fruit stick 7″
Apple mini fruit stick
Apple struedel sticks 2.75oz

Pillsbury, Pennant Frozen Dough

Danish pastry dough slabs
Zero trans danish slabs
Puff pastry dough slabs
Zero transfat puff pastry slabs
10 x 15 puff dough sheets
5 x 5 puff dough sheets

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