Valente Helps Your Breakfast Sales With Muffins

muffin_basketMuffins are a staple of the NYC breakfast scene.  Valente helps you capture profitable breakfast sales with muffin products to meet your needs.  We carry muffin mixes, frozen scoop-and-bake muffin batters and thaw-and-serve muffins to help you make the most from the breakfast rush.


Valente offers a variety of muffin mixes that bakeries and shops can use to create these breakfast standards.   With vanilla and chocolate mixes and a wide variety of cake mixes customers can quickly and easily support their donut sales with great tasting donuts from pre-made mixes.


We know that some shops prefer pre-made muffins for their breakfast business.  For these customers we offer frozen thaw-and-serve muffin that are delicious and highly affordable.   These are perfect for shops that need just a case of a particular flavor or those who want to offer a wide selection of flavors to serve their breakfast customers.

Valente Supplies Donut Mixes, Fillings and Frozen Ready-to-finish and Decorated Thaw-and-serve Donuts

Pillsbury Carmen and EFCO Muffin Mixes
Blueberry muffin mix
New English honey bran muffin mix
Carmens honey bran muffin mix
Empire corn muffin mix
Carmen’s corn muffin mix
New England plain muffin mix
Carmen’s basic muffin mix

Magnificent Muffin and Pillsbury Scoop and Bake Muffin Batter
Apple cinnamon muffin batter
Chiquita banana muffin batter
Banana nut muffin batter
Very berry blueberry muffin batter
Blueberry muffin batter
Cappuccino Magnifico muffin batter
Chocolate chip muffin batter
Chocolate chocolate chip muffin batter
Golden corn muffin batter
Corn muffin batter
Cranberry harvest muffin batter
Lemon poppy muffin batter
Magnificent morning muffin batter
Toasted oat bran muffin batter
Peach cobbler muffin batter
Pistachio muffin batter
Pumpkin muffin batter
Raisin bran muffin batter
Fat free blueberry muffin batter
Fat free cranberry muffin batter
Fat free dutch chocolate muffin batter
Fat free lemon poppy muffin batter

Harvest Bakery Thaw-and-Sell Muffins
Corn yogurt muffin
Chocolate Chip yogurt muffin
Dutch Chip yogurt muffin
Blueberry yogurt muffin
Blueberry Crumb yogurt muffin
Apple Strudel yogurt muffin
Orange Cranberry yogurt muffin
Banana Nut yogurt muffin
Lemon Poppy yogurt muffin
Cappuccino yogurt muffin
Cinnamon Walnut yogurt muffin
Carrot Filled yogurt muffin
Raspberry Almond yogurt muffin
Raisin Bran yogurt muffin
Banana Chip yogurt muffin
Chocolate Cheese yogurt muffin
Cranberry Walnut yogurt muffin
Cinnamon Chip yogurt muffin
Pumpkin yogurt muffin
Berry Fusion yogurt muffin
Ivory Chocolate Chip yogurt muffin
Pistachio yogurt muffin
Marble Crunch yogurt muffin
Cinnamon Coffee Cake yogurt muffin
Red Velvet yogurt muffin
Chocolate Mousse yogurt muffin

Search our online catalog or download a copy to find the ingredients you need. Or give us a call at (718) 565-1300.

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