Your New York Area Retail Bakery is The Soul of your Community and Using High-Quality Bakery Ingredients Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

pastries-supplies-ingredients-delivery-new-jerseyYou bake delicious cakes, cookies and breads for your New York area neighborhood and keeping your business profitable is challenging.   Your commitment to bake the best quality products starts with the best bakery ingredients.


Valente understands what you need to succeed and we carry the ingredients we know will help you reach your business goals.  We carry a wide selection of flours, sugars, fillings, glazes and other ingredients to enable you to achieve.


While you may be smaller than than some wholesale bakery operations we know that your neighbors count on your for great looking and tasting baked goods to help them celebrate the special events that mark their lives.   They trust you to deliver.

We understand that responsibility and we offer them quality ingredients, care and support that we offer to our largest customers.  Our customer service teams are especially attuned to the unique challenges of your retail bakery and they’re there to support you everyday.  They’re trained to offer you right products to meet your needs and help you find the most cost-effective way of finding success without compromising on quality.


We’ll also be sure to  remind you to order those seasonal ingredients that provide you with some of your best opportunities to improve your profits.  On top of that, our inventory management systems allow us to deliver to you the fresh ingredients you require with no concerns about food safety.

Valente Delivers Ingredients Like These to NY Retail Bakeries

Pillsbury cake mixes
Pillsbury frozen doughs
EFCO fillings, toppings & glazes
Barry Callebaut chocolates
Pure, all natural & artificial flavors
Domino Sugars

Caravan products
Dried fruits and nuts
Papettis eggs
Frozen fruits
Dawn cake mixes
Puratos products
Canned fruit

Looking for additional products?  Why not browse our full online catalog or download a copy of it.

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>