Van Leer

Valente sells Van Leer Chocolates to NYC Bakers



barry-callebaut-logo-250x250Van Leer American Chocolates Since 1949


Valente's relationship with Barry Callebaut chocolates includes their American chocolate brand Van Leer.  These high quality chocolates have been delighting bakers for more than 70 years with delicious, clean chocolate flavors.


> > Van Leer Chocolates & Couvertures    
Bel Lactée 31% Milk Couverture Enrobing 36% Milk Couverture Organic 72% Dark Couverture
Bel Lactée 33% Milk Couverture Forte 49% Dark Chocolate Tulsa 55% Dark Couverture
Bel Noir 52% Dark Couverture Ghana Blend 61% Dark Couverture with organic soy lecithin Ultimate White 30% White Chocolate
Bel Noir 54% Dark Couverture Henna 41% Milk Couverture Van Stever 52% Dark Chocolate
Bel Noir 58% Dark Couverture Ivory 29% White Chocolate White Maple 26% White Chocolate
Bel Noir 73% Dark Couverture Kenosha 33% Milk Couverture  
Delft Molding 34% Milk Chocolate Organic 60% Dark Couverture  

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>> Van Leer Chips and Inclusions     
Breda Chocolate Chunks, 500 ct Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 2M Ultimate Milk Chocolate Chunks, 600ct
Dark Chocolate Baking Stick Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 4M White Chocolate Chips, 10M
Milk Chocolate Chips, 1M Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks, 600 ct White Chocolate Chips, 1M
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips 4M Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks, 650 ct White Chocolate Chunks, 600 ct
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 1M Ultimate Dark Chocolate Chunks, 300 ct  

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> Van Leer Compound Chocolates & Coatings    
Dark Compound Snaps Shine Dark Compound Ultimate White Compound Snaps
Dark Standard Compound Shine Milk Compound White Compound Snaps
Fasty Dark Compound Glaze Shine White Compound White Compound Chip, 1M
Fasty White Compound Glaze Ultimate Dark Compound Snaps  
Milk Compound Snaps Ultimate Milk Compound Snaps  

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