Valente Supplies Nuts and Nut Pastes For NYC Baking And Catering Kitchens

ny distributor dried fruits and nuts

Valente offers a wide selection of whole nuts, nut halves and pieces as well as nut pastes and nut flours and seeds to support your baking and catering needs.


Whatever your requirements Valente offers a broad selection of nuts and pieces along with nut pastes and flours and sees to for use in baked goods, salads and other food items.   We supply a comprehensive selection of nut butters and pastes, blanched, roasted and natural nuts and halves, whole nuts, sliced, roasted, slivered and nut flours.

Valente Supplies NY Kitchens With A Wide Selection of Nuts and Seeds

Almond butter
Blanched almond flour
Fine almond flour
Natural almond flour
Granulated almonds
Almond marzipan
Almond paste
Blanched almonds
Whole almonds
Slivered almonds
Pistachio paste
Pistachio flour
Pistachio pieces

Pecan halves
Pecan fancy halvesp
Pine nut kernels
Brazilian cashew pieces
Salted cashew pieces
Unsalted cashews
Kenyan cashews
Desiccated coconut
Shredded coconut
Flaked coconut
Toasted coconut
Filbert hazelnut butter
Filbert hazelnet flour
Filberts hazelnuts blanched

Filberts hazelnuts natural
Kernel paste
Macadamia nuts
Macaroon coconut
Macaroon paste
Peanut butter
Whole peanuts
Blanched peanuts
Roasted peanuts
Walnut halves and pieces
Organic walnuts
Walnut granules nibs
Raw pistachios shelled
Praline paste

We offer many of these nuts and nut products in organic and natural versions.  

Search our online catalog or download a printable copy to find the nut products you need.

Valente Offers Wholesale and Nulk Nuts, Nut Pastes and Nut Flours From These Trusted Growers and Suppliers

American Almond
Valente house brand
Blue Diamond
Dawn Foods
International Coconut

Mayo Macs
Jimbo’s Jumbos
Hampton Farms
Mutiple Organics
San Saba
Giovanni Nut

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>