Competition in the Pizza Business Gets Tougher Everyday and Using the Best Tasting, High Quality Ingredients Gives You the Taste Advantage

pizza ingredients: spices, wheat, flour nycValente has been supplying Italian restaurants and pizzerias like yours across the NYC tri-state area with the ingredients that you need to make the pizzas that help make New York famous for more than 100 years.


Starting with supplying the high-gluten flours and yeasts to create the dough that forms the delectable crusts Valente also provides tomatoes, tomato sauces and herbs and spices.   It’s easy to cut back to low quality flours, sauces and toppings but everyone knows that the best pizzas earn the loyalty of customers.


We also stock a variety of ingredients to improve the quality and variety of products that surround your core pizza offerings to help you improve your operation’s revenues.


We offer frozen baked goods as well as easy-to-use mixes that allow you to expand your basic offerings and add in more high revenue products for your customers to enjoy.

Valente Delivers the Ingredients That NYC Pizzerias Need to Create Great Pizzas

General Mills All Trumps flour
King Arthur flours
Giustos flours
Lavalled canned tomatoes
Redpack canned tomatoes
Muir Glen organic canned tomatoes

Olive oils
Sea salt
Canned goods

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>