Your Artisan Bakery Needs the Highest Quality Ingredients to Keep Your Customers Satisfied.

artisanKeeping the tradition of artisan baking alive in NYC requires special skill, dedication and a strict attention to the details when it comes to ingredient selection and supply.


Making your business profitable while using the best ingredients and time-consuming artisan techniques is where Valente can help.   Your customers expect the best quality products from your kitchens and keeping their loyalty in a city like New York city is always a challenge.


Valente understands what it takes to maintain the quality of your baked goods which is why we select the best ingredients for our artisan baking customers.  This is what has made Valente is the one of the leading ingredient suppliers for artisan bakeries across NYC and the entire metropolitan area.   Our offering of high quality flours with just the right ash and protein content are designed to stand up to the rigorous baking process of the artisan baker.


Because we know that you can’t produce your products with flour alone we also offer premium grains, butter, eggs and nuts, dried fruits and spices to help you realize your product ideas.

Valente Offers Artisan Bakeries These High Quality Baking Ingredients

Dried fruit
Nuts & nut pastes
Almond flour & paste
Pure vanilla extract
Vanilla beans
Papettis frozen eggs
EFCO pure raspberry jam
EFCO pure apricot jam
Wholesome sweeteners organics
Domino sugars
Seeds & spices
Pure maple syrup
Pure Molasses
Satin Ice fondant

Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolate
Puratos Belcolade Belgian chocolate
Giustos organic flours
King Arthur flour
Ancient grains & grain mixes
La Milanaise organic flour
Les Moulins de Soulanges flour
Ancient grains & grain mixes
Sea salt
Perfect Puree fruit purees
Frozen IQF fruit
Dutch cocoa powder
American Almond products
Blue Diamond almonds

Search our online catalog or download a copy to find the ingredients you need. Or give us a call at (718) 565-1300

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>