When Your Customers Demand Organic Products Valente’s Organic Ingredients Can Help

Valente Baking Supplies Wheat Grains Yeast Bread Flour Supplies DistributorValente has been helping customers with sourcing of organic and other all natural products since the early days of organic baking.


We strive to deliver the highest quality organic ingredients to meet the requirements of the most demanding kitchens.   Our range of organic ingredients includes flours, grains, seeds, sweeteners and fillings.

When you’re working on recipe development give us a ring.  We may have some suggestions on the flours you might try to get the results you want.

Valente Supplies The Following Organic Flours and Other Ingredients to NY Bakers

Organic white flour
Organic unbleached non-bromated flour
Organic cake flour
Organic pastry flour
Organic enriched flour
Organic all purpose flour
Organic brown rice flour
Organic spelt flour
Organic wheat berries
Organic quinoa

Organic whole wheat flour
Organic brown wheat flour
Organic pumpernickel flour
Organic dark rye flour
Organic medium rye flour
Organic white rye flour
Organic semolina flour
Organic sorghum flour
Organic amaranth
Organic evaporated cane juice
Organic succanat

Organic corn flour
Organic corn meal
Organic rice flour
Organic oat flour
Organic oat bran
Organic stone ground whole wheat
Organic durum wheat flour
Organic rye berries
Organic white khorassan
Organic whole khorassan (Camut)

We also offer transitional flours and grains.  Search our online catalog or download a printable copy to find the organic ingredients you need.

Valente Offers Wholesale, Bulk Flour From These Mills and Suppliers

King Arthur Flour
King Arthur Organic Flour
General Mills
Bay State
Snavely Mills

Grain Millers
Giusto Organic
La Meunerie Milanaise
Lindley Mills
Multiple Organics

Wholesome Sweeteners
Malt Products
Polit Farms
Dawn Foods
#1 Gluten Free

Valente distributes flour in the wholesale sizes you want.  We sell flour in  these standard bulk sizes.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

12 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

25 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

50 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

100 lbs.


Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>