Valente Supplies Grains That Add Texture and Flavor to Your Baking and Salads

buy bulk grains wheat NYCValente offers a wide selection of organic and conventional grains for your cooking and baking needs. We are the NYC area’s premier supplier of conventional, organic and gmo-free grains


Whether you’re looking for whole grains for salads like quinoa or buckwheat for your baking we have a great selection of grains available for delivery to your kitchens.


Don’t see the grain you need on this list of Valente supplied grains?  Get in touch with us.  We probably have what you’re looking for.

Valente offers wholesale grains like these to NY area kitchens

Steel cut oats
Rolled oats
Crushed oats
Quick cooking oats
Organic Quinoa
Tapioca flour
Whole groats

Mixed grains
Pearled barley
Bulghur wheat
Chickpea flour
Cous cous
Israeli cous cous
Wheat berries

Semi-pearled farina
Peeled wheat (grano)
Sorghum flour
Soy flour
Whole spelt
Potato flour

We offer many of these grain in organic versions, too.  Search our online catalog or download a printable copy to find the flour you need.

Valente offers bulk grain products to NY kitchens from these mills and suppliers:

Grain Millers
Indian Harvest
Valente brand

Con Agra
Idahoan Food

La Milanaise
Snaverly Mills

Valente distributes grains in the wholesale and bulk sizes you need ranging from 1,2 or 5 lb boxes to 25 and and 5olb sacks.  We deliver grains in  following standard bulk sizes:

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

12 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

25 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

50 lbs.

Valente sells 25lb bags spices and grains NY

100 lbs.

Valente submits to voluntary annual audits of our operation to guarantee the safety of the food we deliver to you.   Learn more >>>